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State-of-the-Art Production Facilities in Sydney

Reclaim & Timber Co. is your destination for tip-top wooden packaging solutions in Sydney. Nestled in the heart of Sefton at 88 Helen Street, we bring 50 years of craftsmanship to  creating custom wooden pallets, crates, stillages, wooden boxes, and timber solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in Sydney and its bustling manufacturing neighbourhoods.

At Reclaim & Timber Co., we engineer tailor-made wooden pallets, cases, and timber to shield your products during transit and storage. Whether you’re in Sydney or its neighbouring regions, our commitment to excellence ensures your goods arrive unscathed. 

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Your Trusted Partner in Wooden Packaging

Our wooden pallets and crates serve as the backbone of secure product transit. Manufactured with precision and durability, these solutions are designed to withstand the rigours of transportation, ensuring your goods reach their destination in pristine condition. Whether you operate in the industrial hub of Parramatta or the thriving manufacturing scene in Blacktown, our pallets and crates are the reliable choice for safeguarding your products.

For businesses in Sydney requiring specialised storage solutions, our stillages are the epitome of strength and versatility. Ideal for heavy or irregularly shaped items, our stillages are meticulously engineered to optimise storage space efficiently. Whether you're located in the production-centric precincts of Rydalmere or the industrial heartland of Smithfield, our stillages are tailored to meet the demands of your unique manufacturing processes.

Discover the  functionality of our wooden boxes, perfect for businesses in Sydney seeking a touch of organisation in their packaging or to be used for specialised storage solutions. From the creative workshops in Marrickville to the innovative manufacturing zones in Silverwater, our wooden boxes add a distinct aesthetic while providing robust protection to your valuable products.

Our commitment extends beyond standard offerings. We provide high-quality timber solutions to businesses across Sydney, from the industrial estates of Ingleburn to the manufacturing hubs in Wetherill Park. Our timber is sourced sustainably and crafted with precision, ensuring it meets the exacting standards of industries across Sydney.

On-Site Packing Services for Precision Transit

Efficiency Redefined: The Power of "Just In Time" Solutions

At Reclaim & Timber Co., we revolutionise the way you experience efficiency with our unparalleled commitment to the “Just In Time” offering. We are here to ease your peace of mind, offering products and services that go beyond the norm. This innovative approach is more than a service – it’s a strategic solution tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring your business operates seamlessly and stays ahead of the curve.

Our personalised, customer-focused approach to the “Just In Time” service sets us apart. We understand the pressures your business in the city of Sydney faces, and we’ve designed our service to be your strategic ally in efficiency. Whether you’re in Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney, our highly experienced team is dedicated to delivering packing solutions that align perfectly with your operational rhythm.

Reclaim & Timber Co. is your go-to for custom wooden packaging solutions

Proudly contributing to the manufacturing landscape of Sydney. Serving businesses in key areas such as Parramatta, Blacktown, Rydalmere, Smithfield, Marrickville, Silverwater, Ingleburn, and Wetherill Park, we offer a range of timber and wooden packaging solutions. Explore our products that redefine reliability and durability in the heart of Sydney’s industrial prowess. Whether you’re looking for storage crates or pallets for sale in Sydney and its neighbouring regions, Reclaim & Timber Co. has you covered.

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Ensuring the safety of your products during storage and transit is a critical aspect of your business’s success.

At Reclaim and Timber Co., we understand the significance of securing your products. Trusted by businesses in Sydney and its surrounding areas, we are a beacon of excellence in Australian commerce. Our commitment goes beyond merely preventing physical damage; we delve into the financial, operational, and reputational aspects vital for the sustained success of your enterprise.